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We supply a trained model for users who do not have to train by themselves. You just need upload you interested fragment and subscribe the following options, you will get the result of your own probe. More detail will see in the Deqformer tutorial. Please note, users can upload a file with a maximum size of 50MB. Data format should be uploaded as CSV.

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If you have your own target sequencing datasets, users can upload their origin target base to train their own model, when the model have been trained, you can use the model design your new model. The origin model should contain your base and each base depth, we recommend you can use Samtools to generate the file, the file should be in .csv format.

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Please upload the train.csv file:

Option 3:

If users do not have their own target sequence, and do not know how to design it, we can supply an option that can direct it. Users need use our SNP database to generate a .csv file, which contains your favorite position, we will according your desire to generate your own probes.

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Crassostea gigas

Crassostrea gigas

The Ostreidae, the true oysters, include most species of molluscs commonly consumed asoysters. Pearl oysters are not true oysters, and belong to the order PteridaLike scallopstrue oysters have a central adductor muscle, which means the shell has a characteristiccentral scar marking its point of attachment. The shell tends to be irregular as a result ofattaching to a substrate.

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Addition information of Crassostrea gigas