Frequently asked questions and answers.

(1) What is AMBP?

Aquaculture Molecular Breeding Platform (AMBP) is a portal for genetic data analysis in aquatic species of farming interest. AMBP integrates pipelines for genotype imputation, kinship deduction, population structure inference,  genome-wide association study (GWAS), genomic selection (GS), and genomic mating (GM). It also provides a public-domain archive for genetic variants and haplotype reference panels of 18 aquaculture species.

In AMBP, users can:

Perform online imputation with Beagle or Glimpse
Download the high-quality reference panels
Search or download SNPs
Perform Kinship inference
Perform GWAS analysis
Perform population structure inference
Perform GS analysis
Perform genomic mating analysis

(2) How to use AMBP?

You can click here for a detailed tutorial.

(3)How should I contact you if I find an error in the database or have some suggestions?

For questions, problems or suggestions, please contacts us via email.

(4) How do I know what’ s coming next in AMBP?

You can check it on the Updates

(5) How do I submit my data to AMBP?

We strongly encourage users to submit their reference panels to continuously enrich the available resources of the AMBP. You can send data to us via email.