Step 1 Data input

Users can upload ped and map files for the analysis. Please --download the example datasets-- and check the tutorial for detailed information about the file formats. The PED and MAP files should be named with the suffix of “.ped” and “.map”, respectively. Please note, users can upload a file with a maximum size of 50MB. Datasets larger than that should be uploaded via FTP or analyzed locally with the standalone package.

Please upload the .ped file:

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Please upload the .map file:

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Step 2: Submit your job

Be notifled by email (Tick this box if you want to be notified by email when the results are available)

if available,the title will be included in the subject of the notification email and can be used as a way to identify your analysis


You may bookmark the following web address and view your results later. Please note that the results will be stored for 7 days

Your job is currently running ... Please be patient Analysis successful ! The analysis is failed. Please verify the formats of your input files. In case that you are using the example datasets from FigShare (Version 1) , please note that the error is caused by a wrong sample_information file. We have updated this file in the lastest version of the examples (

Related pairs are summarized in the following table (Avg. HetHet: the average Proportion of SNPs with double heterozygotes; Avg. IBS0: the average proportion of genotypes without identical alleles; Avg. PropIBD: the average proportion of genomes shared identical-by-descent; Avg. Kinship: the average kinship coefficient).

Distribution of the pairwise kinship coefficient and IBS0 (IBS0: proportion of genotypes without identical alleles, e.g., AA and CC).

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